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Innovative Plastics Inc. (IPI) is a leading manufacturer of engravable plastics for laser engraving and rotary engraving systems. Our LASER and ROTARY ENGRAVABLE PLASTICS lines offer a wide variety of stone patterns and colors that range from speckled sands and granites to classic marble and wood grains rich in natural beauty as well as light linear. A wide range of metallic looks with advanced design and burst of brilliance, unique reverse engravable surfaces for exciting dimensional appearances, and a color environment that includes soft delicate pastels, elegant European hues, and a rich, vivid primary spectrum.

Innovative Plastics is always moving toward the future. We maintain the most advanced laboratories and workshops, with the finest quality control and research & development group in the industry. We have developed a line of engravable plastics after extensive in-depth studies of the currently emerging color and style trends within the design industry.

Our aim is to develop a line that will not stand out, but rather subtly blend with and add a distinctive touch to any thematic design statement. The result is the introduction of these ten individual engraving lines with a wide variety of finishes and core colors. Each is available with its own unique look and personality.

Over the past decade INNOVATIVE PLASTICS has compiled an extensive core of over 500 stocking products, readily available to meet the needs of today's signage and engraving industries with quality, service, innovation and an uncompromising commitment to providing the perfect solution for any project requirement.

If you are looking for bold designs, innovative ideas and complete service, look to Innovative Plastics.

All IPI products are available only through your authorized IPI distributor. See the "List of Authorized Distributors" for a Supplier near you.

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